Tax Audit

Tax Audit

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Using deep industry specialization and artificial intelligence, we can take all tax worries and problems off your plate. Plug into XB4’s solutions and services to learn more about tax-related risks and the IRS audit that we can help you resolve.

CP2000 Notice: You have received notice from IRS stating the income and payment details don’t match your tax return’s information.

IRS Penalties: You have been imposed penalties by IRS on account of late filing, late payment, or other issues.

Unfiled Tax Returns: You have not filed your tax returns as the process is complicated or takes time.

Unpaid Tax Balances: You have filed the returns but can’t pay now, or you owe the IRS tax balance from the previous submission.

Tax Identity Scams: Your personal tax information has been stolen to file a fraudulent tax return.

Amended Returns & Form 1040X: The IRS has issued Form 1040X to make certain amendments.

Corporate Tax: Learn more about the common types of tax problems businesses experience.

IRS Audit: You have received an IRS Audit Notice, and you seek expert advice and representation.

Unaware About Your Tax Problems? Not sure where the issue is or how to address a certain tax complication? Trust us for all your tax needs.

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