Enterprise Value Building

We offer a complete range of accounting services to various range of businesses, establishments and individuals based in Dubai, UAE or any place in the world.

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Business valuation

Are you looking to get the best assessment of your business and assets? The assessment of companies and assets is the first step and the beginning of any potential decisions. The method of assessing a company’s assets or overall value can be either a deal maker or a deal- breaker. Our qualified evaluators are accredited

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Tax Audit

Discover How We Make a Difference Using deep industry specialization and artificial intelligence, we can take all tax worries and problems off your plate. Plug into XB4’s solutions and services to learn more about tax-related risks and the IRS audit that we can help you resolve. CP2000 Notice: You have received notice from IRS stating

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Business Planning

Do you want to succeed with the help of strategic business planning? Do you want to take your business decisions in your own hand? The secret to success is a realistic strategy because it means managers and employees are on the same page and concentrate on the tasks at hand. A successful plan ends with

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IPO Services

Want to go public but avoid any risks? Want to take your company to new heights of success by going public? An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a good opportunity for any company to grow out of its comfort zone and reach new heights of success. Going public is a decision that changes your entire

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Fraud Examination

Want to keep your company safe from any fraudulent activity? The professionals at XB4 can assist you in fraud monitoring. They can help you resolve the threats when doing business by detecting some suspicious financial transactions, conducting surveillance, background checks, and finding evidence. This way, you can protect yourself, your business, and your assets from

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Due Diligence

Want to make sure that your financial and non-financial numbers are in accordance with the US GAAP standard? This is the method of ensuring that financial and non-financial figures, such as operational metrics, are checked and evaluated with any essential statements as recorded in other accounts for the general reason of decision-making, or acquisition and

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Business Liquidation

Want to liquidate your assets in a fair way among the shareholders? The division of company assets among shareholders is known as liquidation. The company sells all of its assets and properties and makes sure that the creditors are paid. Our experts hold your hand during these tough times and make sure that you get

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Limited Reviews

Want to make sure your financial statements are in order? A review is an assurance service that helps any company to get minimal assurance that its financial records are well-prepared and are in accordance with US GAAP Standard. Our experts are capable of catering to all the unique needs of your organization. Our willingness to

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Want to turn your company data into meaningful financial statements and reports? A compilation is a process in which an independent accountant transforms the details of an entity into financial statements and reports in accordance with the US GAAP standard. Our experts possess the prowess to transform your records into meaningful financial reports. Our professionals

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Compliance Check

Want to make sure your company policies are in accordance with the current laws, rules, and legislation? A compliance audit is an organization’s systematic analysis to ensure it adheres to basic standards such as administrative laws, legislation, processes, and guidance. XB4 specialists are equipped with the knowledge of performing an accurate compliance audit. Our auditors

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Voluntary Audit

Want to measure the effectiveness of your company policies, strategies, and business model? Internal audits and controls are specialized assurance services that guarantee the integrity of any company's internal components and ensure that everything is working as desired. Our experts offer accurate internal assessments to enable your company to accomplish its objectives and enhance its

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