About Us

XB4 was founded and is run by former Big 4 Firm Partners, who wanted to offer a brand-new way of providing professional services while benefiting from their years of unique and resourceful experience. Those Partners sought the need to provide professional services to the business communities that should be independent of the complications and politics of a brand name.

We, therefore, at XB4, believe that branding our profession is not the way of ensuring the quality and reliability of the services  that the various business communities expect from us. The determining factor should always be the quality and independence of the service and those who provide the service, rather than the name of the Firm only. The quality, qualification, education, experiences and hence the reliability of the team and its in-charge leader, who are providing the service, should not be overshadowed by the name of the Firm. While the professionals have a role to play and personal responsibility to undertake, we believe it is equally essential for the business communities as well as regulators and other parties, to undertake the same responsibilities and on “de-branding” of the public accounting profession, and hence ensure that our professional services are not being commoditized. At XB4, we believe that this will benefit everybody and will restore the trust in the profession.

The Vision

“A firm that fuses the best practice, solutions, and resources for its clients, employing committed, high quality, passionate individuals, in a streamlined organization, focused on the local market and local market conditions, without the organizational complications of larger firms, or the burden of a brand name.”

Who Are We?

XB4 is not just another entity, but also a top tier professional Firm specializing in a wide array of Assurance, Tax and Advisory services.

Our approach is to build into the personal knowledge and experience and the ability to research while dynamically learning from other experiences.

A unique and harmonious combination of analytical skills, adherence to modern practices, and decades of resourceful experiences serve as the hallmark of our success. Therefore, our people and partners are equipped and ready to take on any task and offer a customized and tailored solution for clients. We strongly believe that bigger is not always better.

Dedicated, focused, and hardworking team approach on the objective of being a trusted advisor and goal of serving the profession is better than anything else, and our team are the definition of that.

How Can We Help You?

At XB4, our experts do not take that for granted and continue to strive to learn and understand in order to be able to transform our clients and help them achieve their objective and obtain the assurance needed.

This methodology is powered by:

Strategic approaches
Modern financial systems and practices
Well-formed organizational structures and schemas
Smart organizational governance mechanisms

Above all, we agree that every organization has its own specific character, activities, and culture. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” strategy, and use particular features and company traits to offer tailored strategies. We customize our programs, strategies, and solutions to fit the client’s circumstances and underlying constraints.

What Makes Our Firm Stand Apart from The Rest?

Our organization is built to work as one body while providing the trust to each and every leader who is capable and tested on being professional and qualified. We act as a professional’s partners linked by a shared collection of principles, mindset, and adherence to modern practices, as well as relevant laws, regulations and standards, including a deep commitment to diversity, superior quality services, and transparency.
Regardless where your business is located, we have the capabilities and more importantly, the willingness and commitment to serve our clients anywhere across the globe.

XB4 is run by dedicated and professional partners and teams that have a common objective of achieving their potentials by helping clients and societies on overcoming complexities and challenges nowadays, by rebuilding back trust into our profession, and confidence on our new generations.